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Why Marks Mentor

As Chief Mentor, we adopt & make you a Successful Eduepreneur
by providing series of training sessions,
webinar & recorded training sessions
to transform skills, teaching techniques and the system we have.....

Man Management:

As a franchisor, we act as an educator, trainer, mentor, guide and philosopher, where we impart entrepreneur skills Academic knowledge, ERP system with very closed supervision.


It's fact that to provide franchisee, a company must first be credible in the eyes of its prospective client. Credibility of MM - Marks Mentor can be judged by its experience of years in school education having reputation, local brand awareness and its management strength.

why mark mentor

Transferability of

We are able to transform our 10th Board preparation system in a relatively short period of time. We are aware that if a system cannot be taught to a client within a year, a company may have difficulty in franchise services.


Document System:
Our policies, procedures, system and business practices are all documented in a comprehensive and user-friendly manners. We have integrated ERP & digital concepts based 10th board preparation system and handy manuals at a click of button. In addition to this we also provide 24 x 7 online support, first year 4 visits to your unit & video conference/webinar based training sessions.



Franchisee / Coaching Centre Tutors are independent business owners, so we always treat them as our major partners which is often oversighted by various franchise sellers. We allow our individual client to become more autonomous and self dependent in operating their own businesses.


Market Trends &

2nd - 10th 'board' tuition class is a totally grey area, where quality education providers at economical fees are very few which makes it one of the fastest growing & evergreen business sector. To utilize this opportunity we provide the best system with utmost care for services to students & parents.


Return on

The business Offered by us is not only profitable but also allows enough profits, after paying very responsible franchise fees. This is one of its unique kind of franchise system where the client can earn an adequate return on their investment of time and money without indulging into a typical business hassles.


Strength of
The most important aspect contributing to the success of "MM-Marks Mentor" is the strength of its management techniques. It includes a systematic and proven way of managing units, marketing of educational products, admissions, branding, fund management, training and various other aspects followed by a multi-unit operations management.