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TOS - Target Oriented Study

Whatever targets fixed for students are highly logical, realistic and achievable.
Study Targets are fixed on the basis of previous 3 consecutive years’ academic performance.
All such targets are set according to students’ individual intellectual level and capacity (i.e. within 5–10% subject specific academic growth).
Unrealistic academic growth targets are avoided to protect our students from undue frustration/depression.
Continuous academic supervision which is being supported by authentic and transparent analytical reports.
100% student centric arrangements and procedure to enhance students confidence and self-belief.
360o student support system through constructive motivational & inspiring approach

Concept, Syllabus & Teaching Method:


Building of strong academics is required from the beginning itself. Conceptual clarity & preparation which are essentially required for higher standards, are incorporated in their basic academics from lower standards and continued in accordance.
We build strong foundation by continuous and comprehensive teaching efforts which leads to excellent performance of students at school level examinations also. Interactive learning techniques – which enroot the concepts in students’ mind - are introduced to develop strong fundamentals from beginning.


CBSE/GSEB (NCERT Text Books Based); especially Math & Science with complete conceptual digital support for subjects like English Grammar and Social Science.

Educators /Tutors:

All are Highly qualified (ME/BE/MBA/Master Graduates)& trained Educators, who handle the subjects effectively and efficiently & ensure that every student achieve their individual target / goal.
The Educators use Technologies Aided Teaching techniques, result oriented methodologies and a personalized guidance approach to bring out the best in students and achieve outstanding results.
The Structured programme & target oriented studies groom students to think like achievers.

Adopted Teaching Practices & Methods

At EF, Extensive and Well planned classroom teaching, supported by various teaching tools/aids, is adopted which allows student to understand/grasp the subject concepts very strongly from the beginning itself. Systematic exploring of syllabus in a scheduled time frame without sacrificing quality and number of periods. Smart classes are used where teaching is made impactful by use of animations, presentations, and chart & model demonstrations so that students can comprehend easily and quickly.
Interactive learning techniques are introduced for the students to develop strong fundamentals which encompass students’ mind. Extra revision classes and practice test series are provided for the students below average performance.

Target based study